M1 Support Services Early Negotiations Vote Results

64.02% of the M1 Support Services contract bargaining unit employees voted to open the contract for early negotiations.  The vote passes.

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Letter to the Membership

I want to take this chance to remind everyone of the vote scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Local Lodge in Daleville, to determine whether or not we will enter into early negotiations with M1. No matter of your position, I would encourage you to stop by and …

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Early Negotiations with M1

To the Members of Local Lodge 2003/ M1 Maintenance Contract, The leadership of M1 has reached out to me and expressed a desire to enter into early negotiations. Prior to responding to their request, there were several questions that your Grievance and Negotiating Committee and I felt must be answered. With that in mind, I …

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Contract Proposal and Survey Forms

With the upcoming contract negotiations just around the corner the Committee and Business Representatives want to know what’s important to the membership.  What issues you would like to see addressed during the contract negotiations. Some of the tools we use to determine this is through: Union Meetings – Good of the IAM Face to Face …

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What is Negotiations?

/nəˌɡōSHēˈāSH(ə)n/ noun plural noun: negotiations discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. “a worldwide ban is currently under negotiation” synonyms: discussion(s), talks, deliberations; conference, debate, dialogue, consultation; mediation, arbitration, conciliation “the negotiations resume next week”; arrangement, brokering; settlement,  conclusion, completion, transaction “the negotiation of the deal” the action or process of transferring ownership of a document. …

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