Letter to the Membership

I want to take this chance to remind everyone of the vote scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Local Lodge in Daleville, to determine whether or not we will enter into early negotiations with M1. No matter of your position, I would encourage you to stop by and cast your ballot. This is your contract and your decision, let your voice be heard.

I have received some questions from members about why and how this vote will work and what it will mean if we negotiate early. I hope the following will help.

  1. If we negotiate early and reject the contract, there will be no strike vote. If the membership chooses not to negotiate or agrees and then rejects the company’s offer in early negotiation, the current contract remains in place until it’s expiration in April.
  2. If early negotiations are held and we ratify a new CBA it will be in effect and replace the current CBA, typically for a period of 3 years.
  3. If the membership votes to reject the offer to enter early negotiations, we will be in negotiations next year because of the expiration date of the current CBA, April 28, 2019. In April, if the contract were to be rejected at that point there will be a strike vote taken.
  4. The requirement for a vote to open the contract early is contained in IAMAW Constitution and is listed below, this means approximately 1650 yes votes will be required to approve early opening of the CBA.

Subject to legal requirements, no NLRA contract shall be opened at other than normal expiration of duration without a majority vote of the bargaining unit members.”


In Solidarity,

Randy B. Garrett
Business Representative


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