Early Negotiations with M1

To the Members of Local Lodge 2003/ M1 Maintenance Contract,

The leadership of M1 has reached out to me and expressed a desire to enter into early negotiations. Prior to responding to their request, there were several questions that your Grievance and Negotiating Committee and I felt must be answered. With that in mind, I reached out to Grand Lodge Rep Tony Wirth; who in turn presented our questions and concerns through the proper channels. This is what we now know.

First, it is proper to agree to early negotiations provided the details favor our membership.  However, in accordance with the IAMAW Constitution’s Membership Bill of Rights, to do this requires a majority vote by the members or special dispensation of the International President.  This means, prior to any early negotiations, you the members, will have the right to vote whether or not you want to go into early negotiations.

Second, no Strike vote will be taken, either we accept the offer or continue on with the current agreement in place.  If the membership rejects the company’s offer, we would then continue with the normal negotiations process at the regular time-frame. If the offer is rejected we will the proceed under the normal schedule to the April 28, 2019 expiration, the membership then vote, to accept or reject and if rejected, vote to Strike or not as each may choose.

Many have asked, why would the company want to go into negotiations early and why would we agree. To the first question, is obvious they want something. You can bet they want to address language they feel needs to be changed; this is nothing new. Every Company has big ideas; whether it is in a few months or next April, we are going to see those proposals.

There is a reason for the Membership to agree to go into early negotiations in this particular situation. The new contract the company has with the government is structured with a January date for economic improvements, the previous contract was in October.  If we do not negotiate until the normal expiration of our current CBA we will be beyond that date for that 2019.  This would mean no pay increases, after the 2018 increase already in the CBA, until at least January 2020.

So in the end, it is your decision! You will decide if we will meet with the Company early. You, will decide if the negotiations results are acceptable no matter when they are held.



Randy B. Garrett
Business Representative


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