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M1 Support Services Early Negotiations Vote Results

64.02% of the M1 Support Services contract bargaining unit employees voted to open the contract for early negotiations.  The vote passes.

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Letter to the Membership

I want to take this chance to remind everyone of the vote scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Local Lodge in Daleville, to determine whether or not we will enter into early negotiations with M1. No matter of your position, I would encourage you to stop by and …

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Early Negotiations with M1

To the Members of Local Lodge 2003/ M1 Maintenance Contract, The leadership of M1 has reached out to me and expressed a desire to enter into early negotiations. Prior to responding to their request, there were several questions that your Grievance and Negotiating Committee and I felt must be answered. With that in mind, I …

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